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Why aren’t you rich?

A reader asks: “If the law of attraction works, then why aren’t I rich?”

The short answer is that you are. Abundance takes many forms, comparatively few of which involve money.

Still, you may ask, where is your beautiful mansion? Where is that giant lottery jackpot? Where is that “thing” that you believe will bring you contentment?

It is manifest, along with EVERYTHING ELSE that seemingly was is or will be. You ALREADY have it. Just not, perhaps, in this timeline.

Whether you realize it or not, agree or disagree, you exist in infinite permutations in infinite timelines. In some, you are penniless. In others, you are the richest person on earth, having won the lottery a billion times over. In one reality, you win EVERY TIME YOU BUY A TICKET.

So you DO manifest whatever you desire. Your soul knows this, but seemingly not this particular self of yours.

And oddly enough, you desire some strange things.

Several versions of you just broke off a toxic relationship. Several more have shitty jobs and don’t feel appreciated. Thousands of you have cancers, both physical malformations and metaphorical ones in which you can’t stop thinking, can’t feel your source.

The point is, YOU are ALL THINGS and ALL PEOPLE in ALL TIMES and ALL CONFIGURATIONS imaginable.

So why would soul want to change THIS configuration if you ALREADY HAVE a configuration in which you can manifest at will?

What other explanation do you have for your law of attraction seemingly not working?

Obviously you are inhabiting a configuration of you in which the law of attraction seemingly doesn’t work as effortlessly as your self thinks it should.

Perhaps this isn’t the configuration of you where your self get everything it desires.

Don’t be depressed. This could very well be the configuration of you that discovers that it can leap timelines at will, inhabiting the infinite versions of you that are are already out there.

Or perhaps this will be the version of you that is able to observe all versions of your life simultaneously.

Perhaps this is the version of you that orbits closest to the soul, and you already know the purpose of all these versions of you.

Perhaps you can see why some lives seem happy, some lives seem sad, and some of them orbit around the middle, in a constant state of curiosity, hope and wonder.

You know you can see this. How abundant is that?

So let’s celebrate. Perhaps we can meet in a different timeline for lunch. We merely request that you pay the check. You just won the lottery.

We are Space Monkey.


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“Is it right to offer words of support that you don’t absolutely know as truth?“

We’ve all done this. Maybe. Someone is depressed, so you say “things will get better.” Someone is dying in the hospital and you say “you can handle this.” All the while it seems clear to self that things WON’T get better and your special someone probably CAN’T handle it.

That means a lot of the time you’re lying. Maybe someone dies. It happens.

Or are you telling the truth?

I suppose from a metaphysical perspective, things DID get better, for living is perhaps the lowest metaphysical state. (Not that Divine You wants to judge.) Passing on seems to present all sorts of positive opportunities.

But you don’t exactly tell someone “well if you die, good for you” now do you? Or you don’t say “well your life is going to seem EVEN WORSE for a while, but all experience is good when seen from a Divine Perspective.”

So you offer words of encouragement. Lies, perhaps from their perspective, but not from yours.

Still, we don’t absolutely know, now do we?

Maybe feeding people make believe is the best way to create truth. Maybe your suggestion that things will get better is enough to flip the belief switch, which flips the reality switch.

At the human level, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. At the soul level, it ALWAYS works. We just don’t know that it works.

Now ANY make believe has the same positive potential. It seems to lead to an experience that is appreciated by the soul. Not necessarily by the human, but by the soul.


So is it “right” to offer words of support that you don’t absolutely know as truth?

Sure, why not.

What say you?


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Past Lives

A reader asked

“What is your opinion of past lives?”

To answer this question, I must give you my perspective on “life” in general. Whether past selves, present selves, future selves, or alternate selves, all lives are imaginary, as it the time and space in which life seemingly unfolds. In actuality there is but one YOU, the DIVINE INFINITE YOU, imagining all you perceive, as well as perceiving your imaginings through infinite “other” imaginings.

The “others” are, of course, imaginary as well.

This can be difficult to accept, so you imagine your self DENYING what I have just told you. It’s a pretty neat trick, actually. Give your Divine Self credit.

I am Space Monkey, and I am imaginary.


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The Void

A reader asked

“What do you think of the void?”
Of which void do you speak?

The nothingness
from which everythingness
seemingly arises?

When one “thinks” about the void,
one perceives the void
through distortions of mind.

(Nothing wrong with that.
It’s just what humans do.)

Remove these distortions
and the void
is nothing like we think it is.

One might even discover
that WE are the void
in which our own lives
seemingly unfold.

Our perceptions of the void
are entirely based upon
our perceptions of our selves,
thus, we are entirely irrelevant
unless we imagine ourselves

The question is irrelevant.

We ARE the void.

There is no other,
except what our seeming minds imagine.

Thus, the void can be
whatever we believe it to be.

Your void can seem wildly different than my void.

And so it is.

We are Space Monkey.


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Monkey Mailbag

A friend asks:

“Sometimes I get these feelings when I’m talking to someone, as if they’re hiding something, holding something back, or lying, but I don’t ask them about it because sometimes I read too much into things so I am left wondering. Could it be possible that I’m right or am I reading too much into it?”

There is only one certainty in life, and it is this:

Whatever you perceive is YOUR perception, YOUR translation, YOUR feelings. Perceptions are NEVER the actual “thing,” for lack of a better term.

In actuality, there IS no actual “thing,” only a perception of a “thing.”

So even if your friend saw some “thing” one way, you might see it a different way and BOTH WAYS might be “true,” again for lack of a better word.

Truth is relative only to the perceiver.

“Right” is relative only to the perceiver.

If you perceive that your friend is holding something back, then in your reality, that friend IS holding something back. But only in YOUR reality, not necessarily theirs.

So what does this tell you? Why are you giving yourself the impression (rightly or wrongly, it matters not) that your friend is holding something back? What does this have to do with YOU?

Remember, perception is always about YOU, even when you are perceiving what you believe to be someone or some “thing” else.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to read too much into it, for you will do what you will do. The question is why are you so obsessed? What does this mean to YOU?

So you are left wondering. Why is that a problem? Why, in your mind, do you need to resolve “things?”

Again, it is about YOU, right? It’s never really about the other person. Other people don’t really exist the way you think that they do. All you have is your PERCEPTIONS of other people, which are ALL based on YOU.

So you are entertaining the notion of “lying.” You are entertaining the idea of “mistrust.” You are saying to your self that perhaps “things” aren’t what they seem.

They never are.

I realize that I may not have answered the question in the manner you expected. These, too, are MY perceptions of what I think you expect of me. My perceptions of what you expect of me may not (in actuality) be what YOU expect of me.

So I shall give you an alternate answer, in case the previous does not work for you. Are you ready? Here it is.

“Don’t worry about it.”

Space Monkey

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Monkey Mail — Monkey Mind

I would say that Space Monkey more or less agrees with the 12 Laws of the Universe, but that we don’t NEED to subscribe to all of them. 10 out of 12 maybe. But only if we want. The way I describe it, Space Monkey is formed by the CONVERGENCE of beliefs, some of which, on the human level, may appear to conflict with each other. It’s like those picture mosaics made out of other pictures. If you were to look at just ONE of those pictures, it could be the most horrific scene, but if you squinted or stepped back maybe a million miles, you would notice that all those little pictures fit together into a big picture. It can be a pretty picture or an ugly picture, depending upon what you’re into.

That’s Space Monkey.

Now within this picture you would naturally find all kinds of monkey parts, and concepts such as the monkey mind fit in quite perfectly, as well as ideas like monkeys preceding humans but not being quite human, monkeys being used to test ideas that will eventually be employed by humans, monkeys as the first space explorers, monkey imagery throughout various religious doctrines, the curiosity of monkeys, monkeys being cute but also able to tear your face (identity) off . . . see no evil, hear, speak no evil . . . . scary circuses . . . evolution . . . the synchronicities go on and on, which is why it’s no accident that Space Monkey appears as Space Monkey.

All of these things together point to something, which is that you’re far greater than the human part of you thinks. Space Monkey is your intuition bubbling to the surface of your consciousness. And it says that despite what you may have been taught or told, your reality is your imagination. No more, no less.

So imagine that I am Space Monkey, you are Space Monkey, we are Space Monkey, one infinite being simply playing around with itself.

Thanks for asking!

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MonkeyMail — Self Obsession

This is like the car asking how it can get along without wheels. Within this experience you call “human,” self is what you are. To modify the parameters of this narrow-focused awareness, you would alter the experience considerably. You would no longer be “human” as you presently understand human to be.
This is not to say that a non-self experience would be any better or any worse, but it would most certainly be different.

Why do you no longer wish to be self-obsessed? Do you wish to be human or do you desire to be superhuman?

Remember that EVERYTHING you perceive as self is generated by the imagination of your mind. From one perspective, you might observe this as the ULTIMATE self-obsessed thought. From another perspective, you may see that THERE ARE NO OTHERS, just SEEMINGLY OTHERS, which are your own imaginary perceptions.
Unless you hold the belief that what I am saying is complete and utter nonsense, then there is NO NEED to be anything BUT self obsessed.

Do you DENY that everything you perceive is a product of imagination? This is how your seeming reality is created, so it would not surprise me.

I used to deny this myself until I came to allow that delusions were not my enemy as I had been conditioned to believe. Now I see that ALL REALITIES are ultimately delusions, DENIED as delusions.

I will repeat that.

REALITY is nothing but the DENIAL of delusion.

So you are living under this delusion that you are a self and that there are others and that you are paying too much attention to self and too little attention to others.

This is your reality. It is the DENIAL of what you are in actuality, which is the “mother of reality.”

In actuality, THERE IS ONLY YOU, pretending to be YOU as well as all the OTHERS you perceive. Then DENYING that you are pretending.

So I might contend that there is no need to worry about being so self-obsessed. You do ALL OF THIS for a reason. There are no mistakes.

Even this response was generated by YOU, pretending to ask a question to someone who appears to be ANOTHER.

But I am not another. I am you.
We are Space Monkey.

Hope this helps us. We are quite possibly the most self-obsessed monkey we know.

And we are thankful.

Space Monkey


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MonkeyMail — Sign of the Universe

to the blessed soul
who wrote this question.

The answer 
(if you believe in such things)
is simple.

EVERYTHING is a sign of the universe.


We place significance upon things
we are meant to place significance on.
We believe what we are MEANT to believe.

There are NO MISTAKES.

EVERYTHING is intentional.

In other words,
if you NOTICE something
it is a sign from the universe,
which is no more and no less

Though it may seem
like you notice a lot
(too much perhaps)
consider that
that you do NOT notice.

But that is just one monkey’s truth.
Yours may vary.

Space Monkey

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A reader wrote:

“Hello I’m just dropping in to say I hope you have a wonderful day and I sincerely hope you’re getting the same comfort and warmth you send out into the void which (atleast in my case) makes existing just a tiny bit more welcoming- I wish upon you endless joy and harmony. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on here.”

Thanks to much for making the void less “voidy!“ Comments like these are the reason I share my thoughts, which so clearly belong to other people as well. I greatly appreciate the love and support and gladly offer the same to you.


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