Ronnie Carter 

This blog really speaks to me on another level.


I really enjoyed reading , bookmarked your page

Za Ka Lu 

hey too much monkey business (chuck berry)

Paul Tedeschi 

Thanks so much Dorathea. Perhaps together we will realize our metaphoric Kansas.


Dear space monkey

I love to read you @tumblr and everything you say is just a confirmation of my knowledge. Sadly it’s only now that I’ve learned about you – and me of course – but I guess I was too busy in the game.
Please keep up posting and tell Paul I really want to meet him in person one day (November would be a good time bc in Switzerland it’s not a good time to stay) . I’m gonna tell you when my tour is on.

Connie Smith 

Get clean and sober or be dirty and drunk. Dirty within my inner world? Drunk with my fucked up perceptions? I pick clean and sober. Traveling within the at times scary place I call “home”. It is dark down here but I breathe just air. That’s all. Sometimes it works and then again I need to take another breath.


Your Cape Odd site did this to me:

We devour ourselves in waves of growing, knowing, flowing, showing
Falling, rising, stalling, flying
Crashing burning, returning to the yearning
Uniting, untying, thriving, deriving
In a circular, herky-jerkular, dance
We become increasingly larger, then decreasing smaller
Eventually our iterations disintegrate into the dried husk of a memory.
Enjoy what we have while we have it, for it is all too soon gone away.



Scroll-By Heart is very good for me! 😉

Sheila Greer 

I am intrigued! Glad I found you.


Paul~ your words and thoughts strike chords w/ me … In my own words, it is difficult to express my own “truths” … But I find many similarities w/ the Space Monkey & you 🙂

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