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Hope is a shield.

When you have hope,
a lot of things that
MIGHT get to you
DON’T get to you.

Hope is a lottery ticket.

When you have hope,
you haven’t won
life’s jackpot yet,
but you are able to
yourself winning.

Hope is a permission slip.

When you have hope,
you’re able to make it through
what might otherwise be seen
as a less-than-optimal life.

But is hope
really serving you,
or is hope preventing you
from coming to terms
with being as you are?

Hope is a shield.
Are you able to look past it?

Because once you do,
things don’t look nearly
as hopeless as you might imagine.

Then you don’t NEED hope.

Hope is an attachment.

Just as hope prevents
life from getting to you,
hope prevents you
from getting to life.

Hope blocks you,
and prevents you
from seeing the Divine You.

We are Space Monkey.
We hope.


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By Kati – Source: Arent van Bolten’s Grotesques, Rijksmuseum, early 17th century

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Mihai Viteazul szobor going crazy, by Joris – Source: Postcard from Europeana

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By Sanna – Source: to be confirmed.