There are lessons everywhere, and the teacher appears when the student is ready. One must simply be present to notice! The perceived absurdity of this vehicle for knowledge is what most makes it resonate as true. I believe that the universe has a wonderful sense of humor, and that I would rather learn in joy than in pain and suffering. Which would you choose, as you (i.e. each of us) can choose and make it so? Laughing does not make this any less potent transformational knowledge. Thanks for being brave, Space Monkey. The authentic truth always resonates to the very core of being. There is no need to understand why or certify as credible based on things one already knows or the source. It is simply the truth, and simply so. I accept willingly and am so happy to be on this beautiful ride.


Onward Paul…


Space Monkey is my life coach.


When are you going to lose the marketing pretense and serve Space Monkey full time? I want a Space Monkey t-shirt!


This is for Space Monkey. Love you, Space Monkey. Paul not so much.

Peter S 

Hey, remember me from back in your freelance days? You’ve always been an idea machine, and I can see that time has not slowed you down one single bit! Great stuff! If you ever decide to quit your day job (and really you should) please give me a call FIRST, okay?


Greetings from Rhodilachusetts!


You are a strange dude, Mr. Tedeschi. Keep up the good work! See you on the other side.

Eckhart Tolle 

I have been looking for a teacher for many years. I am so glad I found you, Paul Tedeschi. I can feel my pain body contracting already. Joy is now possible for me. Only now can I see that my thoughts were in fact your thoughts, only less thought-provoking. I shall contact my publisher immediately to change “The Power of Now” to “The Power of Paul.” Namaste.


I love this…….

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