Obstacles are guideposts

You perceive obstacles. You puzzle over how to eliminate these obstacles. You believe that these obstacles are hiding something from you. A crucial piece of the puzzle, perhaps. So you concentrate all your energy on removing these obstacles, or getting around these obstacles.

What do you think all this concentration manifests?


A simpler course of action might be to change your perception. Perhaps an obstacle isn’t something meant to block you, but point the way. Perhaps the more obstacles you perceive, the clearer your path becomes.

Be thankful for your obstacles. Expressing gratitude is how you change your perception. Your obstacles are your guides. And all this time you have been opposing them.

No wonder you don’t seem to get anywhere.

But is this really the case, or are you simply a master imaginer of guideposts?

You know the answer. Now go have fun with your obstacles.

We are Space Monkey.