Pool Time

Your reality need not be sequential. You have merely chosen to experience it that way. Think of it as a pool rather than a line. Think of it as a story rather than time. The paradoxes you present yourself are but seeming conflicts for the hero (you) to play with.

Take your grandfather paradox. You believe that if you go “back” in time and kill your grandfather, you will alter the timeline and cease to exist. This is true only if you believe it true, for story, not time, rules your reality.

Once you dissociate from time, you can see that there is no cause and effect other than a story about this “thing” called “cause and effect.” It is very imaginative of you. But in actuality, you could remove a cause, such as your grandfather, and simply leave a hole. None of the rest of your arrangement need change.

Remember that ALL potential exists OUTSIDE of time and space. It does not move. It does not change. Only your perception seems to change, and even that is an illusion.

Perception is the focal point of story.

Perhaps it would do you well to imagine different varieties of this thing you call time, not just the one. In one variety of time, it is not a line but a pool. All potentials, past present and future are floating in this pool.

Now imagine that you are simply swimming in a line. You observe your grandfather and associate yourself with him. You observe your father and associate your father with your grandfather. You observe yourself and create a seeming “lineage” in you mind.

It matters not if you observe yourself first or your father first or your grandfather first, for in “pool time,” as we shall call it, there IS no first. But you are imagining a story in which linear time also exists, so you now fill in the blanks of a time relationship between all these observations. You imagine things like birth, death, cause and effect, thus reinforcing your story about this straight unyielding line.

This is ALL in your mind, for in actuality, past present, future, time and space are all imagination.

Now imagine your grandfather missing from this scenario. Following your current storyline, you might imagine that you might no longer exist. But should you shift your perception to pool time rather than linear time, you might see that you could fill this “hole” in your story with something else — or simply leave it empty.

Remember you exist prior to all you imagine. You exist prior to your imagination of linear time. You would not cease to be.

Now similar to the hole you might leave in your story once you remove your grandfather, consider that there are holes all around you that you merely do not choose to see. Consider that potential, such as the potential of your grandfather, or a son or daughter, or ANY FUTURE EVENT might fill in one of these holes within your time.

Pool time is like water. It is fluid. Remove a rock from the water and it fills in with something else. In this manner, you may remove one potential from your reality and you fill it with ANOTHER potential. You do this all the time.

You simply change your story.

A story is what you are, but your story need not incorporate time as you have imagined it thus far. Simply imagine a different kind of time. POOL TIME. You are swimming in pools of potential which are yours for the simple action of imagining them.



Consider POOL TIME a gift. You’ll find that it is backwards compatible with your story so far, so long as you continue to use your infinite imagination.

We shall go and fetch our water wings.

We are Space Monkey.


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