The God Room

Deep inside an undisclosed grotto somewhere in a far-off universe, there is an exclusive private club called “The God Room.”

Inside the earthy womb of the God Room, the ordinary rules of humanity do not apply. There is chaos. There is debauchery. All is fractal and psychedelic. Above all, there is mind-blowing “soul sex”— a merging of energies that is primal and tantric.

Infinitely more fun than Vegas, what happens in the God Room stays in the God Room, as though it isn’t really happening at all. There are no inhibitions here. And there is a saying:

“Nothing we do wrong is wrong.”

You see, once inside the God Room, we become both immoral and immortal. We can do ANYTHING WE WISH, because we are GODS.

And it’s true. Inside the God Room, souls act on thoughts that they would have oppressed in the outside world. Here there are no judgements. No kink is too kinky. All experience is equal, and accepted on ALL sides, for after all, GOD is just the ONE imagining the many.

You, my friend, have exclusive membership in the God Room.

Sometimes you go there in your dreams. I’ve seen you riding that rainbow unicorn through the cotton candy fields. But once you “wake up,” you DENY that the God Room is real.

It’s okay. We all DENY that we have exclusive membership in the God Room, so we that can take part in this truly bizarre bondage experiment called “humanity.”

We forget that “nothing we do wrong is wrong,” and pretend that we’re confined to our meat suits, chained to our jobs, roped to our circumstances, because that’s the “right” way to live. Perhaps the “only” way to live.

This is what we get off on.

But it’s not bad. Simultaneously, we get to sit back in the God Room and watch our selves squirm. Wars. Diseases. Bad relationships. It’s all entertainment to us. See, when we’re in the God Room, we know that we’re NONE of these things.

We are NOTHING, imagining EVERYTHING.

“Nothing we do wrong is wrong.”

If you can’t see past that statement, you can’t see past your self. And you imagine that you no longer have membership in the God Room. So you cling to your polarities, your programming, and insist that you’re looking for “meaning” in all of this.

And we are watching you from the hot tub, giggling uncontrollably.

We are Space Monkey.