A Potential

People seem to think
that we can create things
or influence others.
I don’t believe
it happens that way.
I believe that
all potentials
ALREADY exist,
including the potential
that we seem to
move into
alternate potentials.
If it seems that you
or your work
is influencing movement,
it’s only because
that was ALWAYS
part of the potential.
We are imagined
INTO potentials,
we do not CAUSE
potentials to be reached.
That would be creating something.
Nothing is ever created or destroyed.
So it’s nice that it FEELS as though
we are making a difference in our reality,
but the difference was made
long before we became aware of
the potentials we seem to be in.
The difference was and is
ALWAYS in our imagining.
We are imaginary creatures,
SEEMING to have this experience.
Which is good enough for us.
We are Space Monkey.