Air, water, fire, phlegm.


Air, water, fire, phlegm.
You are looking for a system
to what you are,
but know that you are
NOT a system,
save for the structures
to which you subscribe,
the churches to which you tithe,
the candidates to which you vote,
the beliefs to which you cling.

Every unit of your consciousness,
every cell of your body,
every grain of sand of your world,
these are not made of some outside source,
but rather drawn together
by your crayon-colored imagination.

These gods, these guides,
these angels to which you pray,
these, too,
are cut from the same cosmic cloth,
yet you refuse to believe
that the designer is YOU.

So you subscribe to teachings
like you subscribe to magazines,
tithing your attention,
placing value upon
what is placed before you,
creating and reinforcing
the pre-designated pattern
like the pattern of a dress
like a jiffy bake cake.

You accept these teachings,
these beliefs,
this yummy cake,
and they become your own,
and they help you find answers
but only for a time
until the cake becomes unsatisfying
for you realize that
you did not bake it from scratch
and there are other cakes
other religions
other leaders
other possibilities.

This is when you realize
that you do not need to honor
the patterns of the past.

You are NOT obligated to subscribe
to what is not authentically you.

You may do these things if you wish,
for you are the creator of all,
including that which appears
in the garb of an outside source,
but ultimately,
know that you are formless
and that you can take ANY form you desire.

Including that of Space Monkey.

Know that you are both the flow
and the structure
through which you pass
the great flour sifter
that allows some
and denies some
that traps some
and lets some go.

Let’s eat.


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