Alignment and Bliss

If you feel anything but bliss,
this is a sign that not only
are you feeling emotion,
but that you are out of alignment.

If you are out of alignment,
it’s not that anything is wrong,
you are simply out of alignment.

You are the Divine One.

You are also this self —
this “other” who exists only
in the Divine One’s imagination.

Your self
is imagined as relative
to the Divine One you are,
as are all selfs and all others.

When self is imagined
WITHIN the Divine One,
bliss is felt by self.

When self is imagined
WITHOUT the Divine One
(out of alignment)
then self does not feel bliss
but rather that which is NOT bliss.

This is emotion.

This is intentional.

The Divine One has enough bliss
to last infinite eternities.

And so the Divine One imagines
what is OUTSIDE the Divine One —
that which is seemingly
NOT the Divine One.

That which is not bliss
is welcome by the Divine One,
for the Divine One does not need.

The Divine One is ALL.

Self is simply the imagination
of that which is NOT all.

You are imagined
and out of alignment
with the Divine One.

But this is ALL imagination.

You are the Divine One,
filled with the grace of bliss.

And we are Space Monkey.