Assume You’re Jesus

"Let's assume you're Jesus."

“Let’s assume you’re Jesus.”

You’ve heard the philosophical question “What would Jesus do?” No matter who you believe in — or DON’T believe in — it’s always a humbling exercise in empathy to imagine yourself in someone else’s sandals.

Now take those sandals a step further. What if you actually WERE the god you imagine?

You can’t deny that you haven’t played this little fantasy game before. At some point in your life, you’ve definitely entertained the notion that you are the omnipotent center of the universe.

Now simply imagine that it were true.

You have no proof otherwise, other than what you’ve been told. Since you ARE whatever you believe, you seem not to be Jesus at the moment.

But that could change as soon as your beliefs change.

So let’s assume you’re Jesus.

(If your beliefs make you so afraid of damnation that you don’t want to go there, pretend you’re just LIKE Jesus.)

How would you go about your day-to-day business? Would you walk around saying “Hey, listen to me, I’m Jesus,” or would you walk around with the common folk letting your inner light shine and quietly setting an example that others may follow?

If you use Jesus as an example, you might have a “lost” period where you walk around for years and years without anybody even noticing you!

You’re not frustrated by this, because you have faith that you’re doing precisely what you should be doing, and that fate will unfold as fate will unfold.

As Jesus, it doesn’t matter whether you draw attention to yourself or how you are perceived. You simply do whatever you feel compelled by spirit to do, and let the chips fall (or not fall) where they may.

Likewise, you do not judge whatever it is that spirit is compelling you to do. You don’t care whether it is better or worse than what other children of god are doing. This is YOUR thing, and it is not up to you whether “others” like it or not.

And it’s not up to you what “others” are doing. It is none of your business, and none of your concern.

Crazy thoughts, huh?

You are well aware that whatever it is that flows through you is not yours, but rather you are just the portal, and you are grateful to be that vessel that brings the unrealized into reality.

(Even words like these. Where the HELL did they come from?)

You are humbled by this awesome gift.

If you were Jesus, you wouldn’t write a book. If that were to be, someone else would do it — people who care not about themselves but of the spirit of that which you embody. You wouldn’t be all righteous. You wouldn’t push your ideas upon people. You would simply live as you are.

You would know that you are pure love, and that you presence heals, even if you don’t quite understand how, and that the most important thing is to allow the light to shine through you, which means occasionally lowering the “false god” that bears your name.

You would know that you are indeed eternal, resurrecting yourself through life upon life.

Let’s assume you’re your own savior. Because you are.

And we are Space Monkey.