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What did I do to deserve this?

You ask
“What did I do
to deserve this?”
as though THIS
with what you’ve
done previous.

Are you able
to entertain the notion
that perhaps THIS,
(whether you judge
it as good or bad)
has NOTHING to do
with what has seemingly
occurred previous
or is expected after?

Can’t THIS
simply be THIS,
appreciated for
this moment and
this moment only?

Aren’t you
ALWAYS deserving
no matter what?

Sure you are.
You simply choose
not to believe it.

You did nothing
to deserve this post,
but we hope you
appreciate it anyway.

Or not.

We are Space Monkey.


What is Real?

A monkey asks “what is real?”

is the self-defined
subset of “imaginary”
in which one believes
that what is “real”
is NOT “imaginary.”

Glad we could
clear that up for you.

We are Space Monkey.



I don’t believe in paths,
but I often believe
that the surest sign
that I’m headed in
in the direction
of my intent
is that practically
NOBODY understands
a single thing
I am communicating.

When people seem
to understand my words,
THAT tells me
that we’re on
SIMILAR paths,
or non-paths,
as the case may be.

This is seemingly
NOT what I want.

Unless I am intentionally
fooling my self.

Or you.

I wouldn’t put it past me.

We are Space Monkey.


Monkey Manifesto

WE are for men who want to be WOMEN and women who want to be MEN and BOTH who want to 
be NEITHER and neither who want to be ALL and ORDINARY people who want to be ANYTHING but, 
or even PEOPLE, like maybe ALIENS or ANIMALS 
or ANIME or just WORDS or the WIND or GANGSTAS or GODS. We can be TOGETHER. We can be DIVIDED. We can be ALIVE. We can be DEAD. We can be RIGHT, WRONG, LOVED or HATED. We are IMAGINATION. We can be WHATEVER we choose to be. We allow EVERY possibility. We deny NO desire. We are SOMETHING imagined from NOTHING. We are Space Monkey.


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Merchant of the Moment

I am
a merchant
of the moment
an agent
of your attention
a peddler
of your perception.


may own the without,
but we Space Monkey
shall control the within.

Attention Thieves

Since the beginning of time,
others have been trying
to steal your attention,
just as YOU
have been trying
to steal the attention
of others.

Attention is not only
that powers your reality,
it is the CURRENCY
of infinite universes.

can be thought of
as stored attention.

can be thought of
as the moment.

Like money or wood,
ATTENTION is stacked.

your attention
into the imaginary,
become real,
so you STACK them.

Layer upon layer,
pile upon pile,
year upon year,
century upon century,
these stacks become
so wide
and so deep
that you can
seemingly no longer
see or move.

After a time,
all you see
are your infinite
and selves.

You feel BOXED in.

And you forget
that these are but
of your attention,
not attention itself.

You forget how these
manifestations come to be.

And so we are reminding you.

We are Space Monkey.

Thank you
for giving us your attention.


We Are Not Whole Until

We are not whole

Monkey In A Box

How does a monkey in a box
imagine what is outside of his box
having never experienced it?

First he imagines
his inner monkey.

Next he imagines
that his inner monkey
has seen outside of the box.

Now this
inner monkey knows
that he can’t just come out
and tell his outer monkey
what is outside of the box.

The inner monkey knows
that the outer monkey
has been denying himself
the senses
what is outside the box.

So the inner monkey
must first
help the outer monkey
remember the senses
necessary to understand
what is outside the box.

This is NOT like
turning on a light switch.

If the inner monkey
turned on all the senses at once,
it would shock the outer monkey.

Keep in mind
that the outer monkey knows this,
for he is imagining this story.

So the outer monkey
listens to the stories
of the inner monkey.
And the inner monkey
slowly shifts the beliefs
of the outer monkey.

Eventually the outer monkey
comes to the realization
that he is not inside a box at all,
that it is imaginary,
just like the inner monkey.

And thus he has no need
to see what is outside of the box.

The outer monkey
realizes that he is unlimited,
just like the inner monkey.

And the only reason for the box
is to imagine a box.

We are Space Monkey.


The Seventh Sense

If you were to ask
born blind people
to describe the fifth sense,
do you think that they could?

What about people
born without the sixth sense?

Or the seventh?

Or the eighth?

If you could describe
the infinite senses beyond
what you experience now,
chances are,
they’d be NOTHING like that.

We are Space Monkey.