Archive for Madness

Monkey Fart GIF

By Kati – Source: Arent van Bolten’s Grotesques, Rijksmuseum, early 17th century

Statue Gone Crazy GIF

Mihai Viteazul szobor going crazy, by Joris – Source: Postcard from Europeana

Beach Ladies GIF

By Sanna – Source: to be confirmed.

Sullivan VS Sullivan GIF

Sullivan vs. Sullivan by Niklas – Source: The Public Domain Review I, II / The Digital Comic Museum (Battle Stories 001 / America’s Greatest Comic 002)

Leap Frog GIF

By Junfeng Ding – Source: Cartoon Portraits and Biographical Sketches of Men of the Day (1873)

King of Swing GIF

Source: Figure 18 from Charles Darwin’s The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals

Beating Heart GIF

Sending my “love!” – Source: Practical Medical Anatomy

Ascent of Graham GIF

The ascent of Mrs. Graham with the Royal Victoria Balloon. August 9th, 1837 – Source: the second volume of William Upcott’s scrapbook of early aeronautica.

Corinthian Monkey GIF

By Kati – Sources: Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) movie and a print of Flemish mask design (1555)

Raff GIF

Untitled, by Colin Raff – Sources: I, II, III, IV, V, VI