Do you entertain the belief that you are an eternal soul on the journey of discovery with the purpose of bettering your self and your world?

What makes you think the world needs to be bettered?

Is it not possible that the world is fine as it is; that it is PRECISELY as it is meant to be, and that your self-indulgent meddling could be viewed as an arrogant and audacious assumption based upon the selfish need to help, to feel superior, or at the very least, feel like a contributor?

Why do you NEED to feel comfortable with your self?

Why do you NEED to feel good about your self?

Why do you feel as though you NEED to contribute?

Why can’t you accept what is seemingly before you and within you, or, at the very least, accept that things may not be as they appear to be?

Until you understand this, your illusion may be deeper than it appears. The journey may be longer than it NEEDS to be.

Still, your perceptions serve you well. You are THIS.

Even if you do not recognize it.

We are Space Monkey


Cape Odd