Faith In Monkeys

Having faith
that something is true
doesn’t make it true.

Having faith
does not make it

Having faith
on truth whatsoever.

Having faith
simply means
that you BELIEVE
whether it is true or not.


Believing that
the above is true
doesn’t make it true.

But it matters not.

When you have faith enough
that something is “true”
or “untrue,”
it becomes your reality.

We believe, for example,
in the existence
of multiple realities.

And Space Monkeys.

Your choices in reality
determine whether
you are happy or unhappy.

If believing in something
makes you happy,
you are free to believe.


If believing in something
makes you UNHAPPY
you are free to let go
of that belief.

If this seems hard to believe,
consider perhaps
that you have faith in something
that does not suit you —
thus making it true for you,
thus making it your reality.

Let if go if you wish.
Or ENJOY the conflict.

We are Space Monkey.
And we believe that this is true.