Figured Out?

The moment you have life “figured out” is the moment you stop living.
If you’re not continually questioning why you’re here, you’re missing the point of your existence. You are an explorer. What you explore is not always going to be happy, but every moment is a guide post pointing you towards what you do and do not want. Every contrasting experience intensifies what you have the capacity to feel.

Once you close your mind to the world, once you believe that you have life “figured out,” you begin ignoring other possibilities, potentials that may be greater than even this moment.

Even if you were the smartest, richest, most beautiful, most loved person on the planet, there would still be a yearning within you for something greater. If there were not, you would not be human.

So it’s okay to not have life “figured out.” In fact, that’s the way it should be. What’s more, you don’t need to stress over this thought. Celebrate it!

Obviously, you are an open-minded person, quite aware that there is much ahead of you. There is no timeline. The need to “figure out” is just an expectation laid upon you by others, which you seem to have accepted as truth.

You need not accept the truths of others as your own. You need not believe that there is an end point to your life’s journey. You need not believe that you will die at the end of this journey. Believe and it shall be so.

Loosen up. Experiment. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t look at yourself as a brick in society’s wall, but rather the aware wrecking ball that knocks an opening into the wall so that others can escape their own tyranny.

Let the wall stand, for there will always be those who believe in the wall, but know that this is not your wall, save for a nice place to plant daffodils. When you believe that you have life “figured out” is when you have circled yourself with infinite walls of your own construction.

Picture it this way, and you can see that it’s not that you have life figured out, but rather that you have closed yourself off to possibilities. Indeed you feel safe behind the walls of your mind fortress, but from what?

Safety, too, is a trap. Safety is the idea that you have “figured out” all that could possibly harm you. You know, of course, this is never the case, for there is always a great earthquake, always a great flood, always a great roll of the dice that forces you to figure things out once more.

You will never have life figured out, nor should you. Remain open to every experience, good and bad, and you will discover that the treasures of life are with you always.

We are Space Monkey and we love you.


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