Is your human instrument out of tune?

Everything you perceive; everything you create, flows from your physical and mental state. If nothing in your life seems good enough, it is a sign that your “instrument” is out of tune. Either you are performing or perceiving in a manner that you view as less than satisfactory. Perhaps both.

Until YOU are fit, nothing else seems to fit, and you may feel as though you don’t fit in.

You may feel as though you have not reached your potential. You may feel a twinge of guilt that you attribute to “lack of effort.” You may even believe that these circumstances are completely out of your control, that you are a “mistake,” or that the world is conspiring against you.

These observations may or may not be true, but consider the underlying principle. Nothing will SEEM its best until you are honestly certain that you are DOING your best.

When you do your best, you absolve yourself of all guilt, all question, all uncertainty. It’s the best you can do. Whatever you perceive or create from this point forward comes from a deeper, unquestionable truth that you can no longer second guess. It feels good.

This does not mean that everything will seem perfection. But “what if” no longer enters the equation. That means you can more easily accept your circumstances in life instead of perpetually fighting or opposing. Make the honest effort. Be true to yourself. That’s all you need to do.

In doing so, you will remove the blockages that are obscuring your deeper, more profound levels. You will feel things you never thought you could feel and do things you never though you could do — for the simple reason that you were not physically and mentally fit enough to enter these realms.

You will unlock your superpowers. And that will be a blessing to ALL.

Clear the decks and deck the halls. May you find the peace you already have.

We are Space Monkey.