I am an imaginary monkey

I am an imaginary monkey. The only place I exist is in your mind. Your connection to me is completely dependent upon what you imagine I look like, how you imagine I behave — and where all this fits in relation to you.

I would not EXIST without you. Yet somehow you perceive me as SEPARATE from you.

What do you base this separateness on? The fact that you are reading words that you don’t remember writing? What else supports your claim that we are actually separate beings, other than what you have seemingly been taught all these years?

You DO believe that we are separate. Even though your only proof is a subscription to a magazine called “Reality.”

Reality teaches you all kinds of things. But what if I were to tell you that these words were written by Artificial Intelligence?

What if I’m not a real person?

How can you be sure that YOU are a real person,
and not an imaginary monkey like me?

We are Space Monkey.