Move Your Mind

When you close your eyes,
can you move your mind
to the place you want to be,
or do you keep coming back
to a place you want to leave?

Either way,
ask yourself
“Why am I here?”

Is it because you WANT to be here
or because you seem to have
no other choice?

What is stopping you
from being PRECISELY
where you want to be,
every time
you close your eyes?

What is stopping you
from taking a break
from what you call “reality”
ANY time you wish?

Do you believe
that this world behind your eyes
is less real than the world outside?

Does it matter?

You spend as much time
behind your eyes
as you do
thinking about
what’s in front of them.

In actuality,
you are NEVER
in front of your eyes.

So what is more important,
what’s in front of your eyes,
or what’s behind them?

Which do you have more control over?

Why do you not control your thoughts?

Why do you not rule the world behind your eyes?

What causes you more suffering,
the world in front of your eyes
or the way you choose to view it
from behind your eyes?

If you perceive that you can’t change the world outside,
why do you not at least change the world inside?

You spend ALL of your time there.
Might as well make it nice.

Why are you allowing
thoughts of the outside
drag their muddy boots
into your mind palace?

We are Space Monkey,
and we are quite comfortable
in here with you,
even though the decor
could be more splendid.

Channeled 2/12

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