Old Soul, Young Monkey

I used to feel like I was an old soul in a young body. Past the midway point, I now move towards being a young spirit in an ancient monkey suit.

Though I was once programmed for gaining, I now prefer shedding, giving less weight to the artifice manifesting as money, knowledge, recognition, and the need to go further.

Above all, I value my own imagination, which I’ve carried with me all along, but forgot about along the way.

I realize now that I imagine ALL OF THIS, and that whatever I imagine become real. That’s why they call it “realizing.”

I realize that there is no need for me to do ANYTHING, that this life unfolding will unfold in my best interest no matter what. I may not always LIKE how it unfolds, but that’s part of the experience.

I no longer feel the need to try so hard. Yes, I still fight the conditioning that tells me otherwise, and I gladly participate in this game we all seem to play, but I realize now that it is just a game, and that I am eternal, and that I continue to exist long after the game is over.

I suppose this means I have faith in something, and even if I’m wrong, so what? Why does my life have to MEAN anything?

So yeah, Space Monkey is returning.

Viewed from the human perspective, this sounds pretty scary. But my faith tells me that I’m infinitely more than just human.

You might say that this is my imagination telling me this, not my faith. Well I realize now that they are ONE IN THE SAME.

We are whatever we believe we are. Why do we need to prove anything? Why can’t we just enjoy the ride?

To be a child again.


To be the children we’ve ALWAYS been.

We are Space Monkey.