Over The Edge

We strive to stay centered, “safe” in the middle,
yet we are continually attracted to the edges.

We have infinite edges,
some we judge as “good” edges,
some we judge as “bad” edges,
some we fear more than anything
and some we desire
more than anything else.

We wish to be “on the edge”
or “cutting edge,”
yet we rarely wish to go
over the edge.

We wear an invisible tether
that keeps us in our place.

This tether is elastic,
so it pulls us back to the middle.

This tether is woven
from the threads of history
which are the fabric of beliefs.

Because of this invisible tether,
we never see our edges
for what they truly are.

Instead we believe labels,
definitions, opinions
about what that edge must be,
and what must lie over it.

This keeps us away from our edges.

Stuck in the middle.

Our edges are nothing like
what we imagine them to be
until that is what we
imagine them to be.

Then they become precisely that.

Some of us manage
to get closer to our edges
than others.

The cord of “reality” is loosely tied to us.

Those who see us
near the edge
applaud and admire us.
Or they are afraid for us.
Or they ridicule us.

This is the way it is with Space Monkeys,
and we fully accept that.

We know that the only way
to experience the edge
is to bravely step up to it
peer down it
jump over it.
then climb back out
carrying a sack of
“Space Monkey went over the edge,
and all I got was this stupid t-shirt”

Only then will those in the middle
lose their fear of the edge.

And their t-shirts will have new labels.

We are Space Monkey,
and indeed,
we have gone over the edge.


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