A Potential Principle of Perception

If the principle of potential proves one thing, it’s this: if you experience the “wrong” often enough, you will eventually experience the “right.” Or, as your million monkey theory points out, if you set a million monkeys randomly typing, they will eventually realize the complete works of William Shakespeare.

We like to think that we are the million-and-first monkey, for we are potentially more profound. But this is just one collective monkey’s perspective.

At present, you are moving your awareness through a set of potentials that feel extremely “wrong” to you, as though you are nearing the end of something — or the start of something else.

We will again remind you that nothing has been created, nothing has been destroyed, you are merely AWARENESS moving through infinite potential. You may “realize” things, which makes potential seem “real,” but these potentials existed long before you brought your attention there.

Remember, NOTHING is created. NOTHING is destroyed. There is merely the potential of the PERCEPTION of creation and destruction, which you now move within.

In your group discussion last night, you mentioned how, as a child, you imagined that nothing existed outside of what you could see and what you could hear. That, for example, there was nothing behind you until you turned your head, like a canvas that was not yet filled in.

This is almost entirely true. Much of what you perceive as “around you” exists consciously for only for as long as you pay attention to it. When you finally do move your awareness, it is to a potential in which it appears as though time has passed. Things seem to have moved; space seems to have been traversed; history and decisions seem to have been made.

These events do not occur so much as you move your attention to POTENTIAL in which you PERCEIVE that these events occur, in relation to a point of perspective you perceive as you.

Perhaps you move your awareness to potential in which there seems to be a resolution of some kind. Perhaps you also move to a potential in which you perceive that you are having thoughts about this resolution. You may even have the audacity to believe that you CAUSED this resolution.

You are NOT thinking. You are NOT causing. You are merely moving your awareness into potentials in which you PERCEIVE that you are this “person” doing these “things.”

Remember. Nothing is created. Nothing is destroyed. All is simply realized.

So within this potential of “present” you have moved your awareness into some pretty “crazy” potentials in which there appears to be all kinds of collective and individual conflict.

Nothing is created. Nothing is destroyed. You are no more and no less than awareness moving through infinite potential.

So naturally there exists the POTENTIAL for a million monkeys to write the complete works of William Shakespeare. We are those monkeys. We are Space Monkey. And you ain’t seen NOTHING yet.

That is a riddle. You ain’t seen NOTHING yet. But there is ALWAYS the potential.

We are Space Monkey.


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