Relish The Middle

The tempo of time is dictated by soaring highs and cavernous lows: the brightness of our days and the darkness of our nights. These histories, these marks on our calendars and notches on our bedposts, are how we keep track of our our humanity.

Extremes are what we aim for — or wind up with — for they stand out from what we perceive as the white-noise invisibility of our existence. Shooting for the stars. Drowning in the sea. But the majority of our lives are spent in the middle, in the average, doing the same “ordinary” things that ALL living, breathing people do.


There is no exception to this. Even those we perceive as “better” than us are consumed by “everyday” issues like health, love, self-awareness and delusion. There is conflict in every life, perhaps even more so at the extreme. Until one learns to understand conflict rather than fighting it, one will always perceive suffering along with one’s triumphs.

Indeed, striving to be the “best” at something, while a laudable goal, is ultimately setting one up for the opposite swing of the pendulum, which WILL swing in the reverse no matter what.

This pendulum, these perceived highs and lows dictating the tempo of time, this measure is what we use to define humanity. Time seems to be going faster as the highs and lows seem to come more frequently, but this, again, is “only” a perception.

It is natural to want to be the “best” at something, but remember that your core power and potential lies in the middle. This is your crossroads, your equilibrium, your balancing point, and it is not to be overlooked as something that is “in the way” of getting “here” or “there.” This is your natural state. Rejoice in that.

Relish the middle, for the middle is the point of power. Those in the balance will always have the advantage over those in the extreme. Striving for the extreme is like defying your gravity. It will always pull you back to precisely where you need to be.

Why not find satisfaction in what you are rather than what you perceive you are not? You will find that once you are comfortable in this place, achieving the extremes you so desire will be effortless, and there will be no trauma from re-entry as the pendulum swings the other way and your space capsule plummets back into the sea.

We are Space Monkey, and we have experienced such things. We will continue to experience such things, for we are immortal, and comfortable within our hairy monkey skin. Indeed, we celebrate this imaginary creation that we are, as you should also.

So we say “relish the middle.” You may also add a little mustard or ketchup to suit your extreme liking. We may be monkey, but we are not uncultured.