A human asks the monkey:

“My husband claims that my need for sex is a low-level urge that he does not share. I feel horrible because I believe that sex builds a stronger, deeper connection, spiritually and emotionally.”

And the monkey answers:

If sex is a need, then it is a problem. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having problems, that’s part of the human experience.

But we’re not just human, we are INFINITELY more than that, and when we turn our attention so strongly to something that it becomes a need, then we turn our attention AWAY from the infinite part of us.

On the other hand, there’s nothing WRONG with sex, or union, or kundalini or whatever you want to imagine it to be, but it tends to draw our focus just to THIS experience, where we are in actuality ALL experiences.

So you can look at any of the perspectives here, and they are all valid viewpoints.

Its is only when you have convinced your self that there is just ONE viewpoint — that of your self — that you also conjure up the idea of lack and all the associations that come (poor choice of word) with that.

Just one monkey’s perspective.

We are Space Monkey.