The Sickness of Reason

Let’s talk about
your human experience.

You keep going
because it seems
the “right” thing to do.

But in actuality,
it’s just “a” thing to do.

The potential of life
comes before judgement.

You can still have
a rich human experience without it.

You lived for centuries that way,
quite content in your “backward” ways.

But then you were infected.

Soon judgement
became your reason for existence.

It seemingly became
more valuable than life itself.

Flash forward.

Today you wonder
whether your life is “wasted”
or whether
an experience is “worth it.”

You judge
everything in terms of
time, space and money,
carving up quantities
and measuring them out.

You did not do this previously.

Your creatures do not do this.

And certainly, Space Monkey
does not do this.

We keep going
not because it’s the “right”
thing to do,
but rather because
it’s a thing to do.

We are not haunted by thinking.

We do not worry about protecting
our museums filled with more thinking
or backing up our thinking into the cloud
of thinking up new ways to worship our thinking.

Thinking is a parasite
that exists only to replicate itself.

Even thinking does not think.

It is YOU who perpetuate it.

You have given over
your lives to thinking,
and you don’t even realize it.

Think about that.

Imagine how your life would unfold
if you were not constantly seeking satisfaction.

You might be satisfied.

Live like a feral cat.

All you need is a ray of sunshine,
and a nice spot for napping
and not even those are required.

You are here to be here,
no more, no less.

How here are you,
and how much have you
given over to thinking?

The thinking mind
thinks it’s the superior mind
but it’s simply the thinking mind.

Look to your creatures.

Be grateful
that they do not judge you.

We are Space Monkey.


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