No matter the time or circumstance, one can find many things “wrong” with one’s world. One may choose to dwell upon these issues, to dismiss these issues or detach from these issues.

But somewhere in our lineage, we invested our awareness in the belief that our best, most logical, most honorable course of action is to ACT upon our conflicts — that any other option is a “lesser” one.

Though it is equally valid to the other choices, this belief is one of the prime distorters of reality. Now bear in mind that distortion is neither good nor bad, it just is. However, the more misshapen one’s reality becomes, the more “dire” one’s circumstances seem.

In following this path of potential, one gets to a point where one’s conflicts seem unresolvable — apparently hopeless. This, too is a valid experience, therefore it should not be discounted, merely pointed out.

The reason for one’s “hopelessness” is that one perceives that one must act to change, yet the very act is seen as causing more conflict than the original “problem.” Divisiveness becomes apparent, as does unrest, which is amplified by the belief that the solution is not close at hand.

“Revolution” seems the only option, but revolution comes at great cost and sacrifice, neither of which one is ready to endure. So one becomes fearful as well, that one’s physical comfort may be impacted by one’s philosophical stance.

One does not believe that there is any other way, so one feels stuck between a rock and a hard place, powerless to effect any meaningful change whatsoever. Or one denies this and acts anyway, never fully certain if one is fixing the core unrest or fueling it.

There is ALWAYS another way. There are INFINITE other ways. The divided soul simply does not see them.

Realize that one CAN see is the solution to ALL problems. 

Realize that IT MATTERS NOT how one acts in this lifetime, for this is precisely the experience we are meant to have.

Realize that, more than any perceived environmental, physical or philosophical factor, the TOXICITY of COLLECTIVE AWARENESS is the most powerful agent of change on our planet.

Just because the TOXICITY of COLLECTIVE AWARENESS cannot be measured by our technology does not mean it does not exist. It is infinitely more toxic than all of our chemicals, all of our pollutants and all of our atomic missiles.

Conversely, the switch can be flipped to the HEALING of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS in an instant, rendering all of our perceived problems irrelevant and nonexistent.

FAITH is all that is required.

But judging by our actions (such as the action of judging) we do not seem to want faith just yet. We are still too wrapped up in this seemingly insane human experience to acknowledge it.

We must admit, that from a distance, our story is quite compelling.
It would make an excellent movie.

We are Space Monkey.