Well . . .

When you drop a pebble
into a well,
there is a moment 
before the stone hits the water
in which there is silence,
save for the
barely imperceptible
sound of movement.

In this brief moment,
are you wondering
whether the stone
will hit the water?

No, you are not.

But like the pebble, you are moving.

You are moving
through potentials
that have not yet come
into your awareness.

One potential has the rock disappearing.

One potential has the rock returning to your hand.

One potential has the rock
splashing into a DIFFERENT well.

There are INFINITE potentials,
INFINITE stories
that might be accessed
from this one moment
in which you are not thinking.

But you have already chosen
the potential of being a thinking person.

the list of potentials
from which
you have to choose
are only those
which make “sense”
from within the potential
of a thinking person
who subscribes
to a fixed set of beliefs.

Within the potential of thinking,
within the potential of
having a fixed set of beliefs,
the only potentials
that make “sense” are:

A) the rock hitting the water
B) the rock hitting the wall
C) the rock getting stuck on an outcrop

These are the potentials
that you have to choose
from within the potential
of being a human
who thinks
and thus perceives
and thus realizes
“reality” a certain way.

And so the pebble falls into the pool.

If this had been a coin,
you would have made a wish.

But it’s only a pebble,
so that would be stupid.

Everyone knows
you don’t make wishes with pebbles.

They just don’t come true.

We are Space Monkey.