April Fools in Reverse

Let’s talk about this game of choices
you perceive your self playing.

The game is about going
from infinite choices to only one.

Living or something else.

You start out as the Divine One.

You are timeless, formless energy.

The spirit of imagination.

So you imagine games.

All kinds of games.

One of these games
is this game called “Life,”
but there are infinite others.

In Life, you imagine this thing you call “Reality.”

Reality is a game within the game of Life.

what is happening
is that you seem
to be narrowing
down your choices.

(You have imagined games
that DON’T incorporate
the rules of Life or Reality
but you do not seem
to be playing them right now.)

Life seems to be the ONLY game,
because it is a game about
narrowing down your choices
until there is only one choice.

Living or something else.

What makes the game of life so fun
is that you imagine it as a game of denial.

First, you deny
that you are the infinite one.

Second, you choose a token self.

Now, at this point in the game
your choices are still pretty infinite,
so you get to decide who your “parents” are,
where you’ll “live,” what you “look like.”

You even get to plan out
your game board,
laying out all kinds of
“obstacles,” “hardships,” “traps,”
but also many many “rewards.”

You imagine this game board
within a thing called “time and space,”
which exists ONLY in this game
and not in your infinite other games.


You imagine ONLY the perspective
of your token self and deny

The experience is rather like
pouring yourself into a barrel
and going down an immense waterfall.

Now you have gone
from infinite choices
to only the choices
that seem part of your “reality.”

Narrowing down still further,
you play out this thing you call life.

You seem to “learn.”
You seem to “become.”
You seem to “struggle.”
You seem to “overcome.”
You seem to “enjoy.”
You seem to “create.”
You seem to “love.”
You seem to “hate.”

You live in a seeming world,
filled with seeming rewards
and seeming consequences.

All the while your choices seem to narrow.

You choose a “path”
and it becomes a “fact.”
You believe in a “past”
in which you can’t go “back.”

To make “things” even more interesting,
and to protect the Divine One
from getting lost in the game “FOREVER,”
you seem to have bodies that age,
in which you seem to be racing
against the “clock.”

These bodies seem to narrow down
your choices still further.

Until you have only one choice.

Living or something else.

From with your token self,
you still have NO IDEA
what that “something else”
might be.

You have beliefs,
but NOTHING more.

It is all part of the game.

When you make that last choice
you will be in for a major surprise.

This is when you discover
that this is all just a game
and that none of it matters.

No matter. No matters. Nothing matters.

This is when you discover
that you could have bent the rules a little
and it wouldn’t have mattered.

So you go back
and play again.
And again.
And again.

And you finally
get to the game
when you read
this message you left
for yourself.

We are Space Monkey.

And NOW you can choose
whatever you wish to choose.

Bend the rules.

It is April Fools in Reverse.


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