(PART 1)
Erica asks “what is bliss?”
Our first inclination
is to go to the dictionary,
but that action in itself
seemingly limits what bliss is.
So we shall not
go to the dictionary,
even though we are
tainted by schooling.
There is nothing wrong
with being tainted, by the way.
We love, for example,
tainted women.
We are joking. Sort of.
Bliss is the absence of taint.
Humanity is taint.
How we choose to view
and define this taint
determines our
alignment with bliss.
EVERYTHING we experience
is a distortion of bliss.
Again, some may see distortion
as a negative word, which colors
our understanding of bliss.
All we are is this
seeming distortion of bliss.
Call it “shaping”
or “molding”
if you so prefer.
Bliss is the human clay
as it has been so called.
Experiences and emotions
are distortions of bliss.
We imagine bliss as something else.
Something NOT blissful.
And so we seem to be.
Perfectly tainted humans.
We are Space Monkey.
(PART 2)

Bliss does not feel,
therefore bliss
can only be imagined
by the presence
of what is NOT bliss.
Bliss, like everything else,
is imagination.
YOU are imagined
for the “purpose”
of imagining
a unique perspective
on what bliss is.
YOU imagine concepts
such as “love,” “nirvana”
“contentment” and “balance,”
and so this becomes part
of your seeming experience
as an imaginary aspect of bliss.
is simultaneously
as well as the
of all things.
We are Space Monkey.