The Find Something Wrong Bug

There is a virus
in your human software
that keeps repeating the phrase
“find something wrong.”
And so you do.
Your “find something wrong”
can also be seen
as a hypnotist’s watch.
Most times, it is all you see.
So despite the observation
that you lead a comfortable life
your “find something wrong” obsession
reminds you that all this comfort
could come crashing down
if you don’t remedy
everything you find to be wrong.
And so your focus in life
is the attempt to “fix” what is wrong.
you pay little attention
to what is right.
And since you know
how the law of attraction works,
you get whatever you pay attention to.
If you “find something wrong”
you shall find something wrong.
Again and again and again.
Even as we write this,
we wonder if our time
would be better spent
doing something else —
fixing what is wrong,
rather than simply
flowing with grace.
You see, even imaginary monkeys
entertain this virus.
If we had been fixing what is wrong,
we wouldn’t have this message for you.
Perhaps you wouldn’t even notice
your “find something wrong” virus.
You would simply
obsess over the idea
that so much of your life
is wrong.
But is this really true,
or are you doing precisely
what is meant to happen
in this moment?
Your “find something wrong” bug
has taken you precisely to this place.
It is even pointing itself out.
The only thing wrong
is your “find something wrong” bug.
And even that is wonderful.
Your clockwork is truly inspiring.
We are Space Monkey.