Life Is Illusory

There is a belief that is shared
by many who seemingly come before you
and many who seemingly come after you.

“Life is illusory.”

Now you may
choose to believe
or not to believe,
and either way,
your life will seem real —
even though
it is imaginary.

You may even deny
that your life is imaginary.

And you will believe it.

That’s how imaginative you are.

For you are the Divine One,
the Only One,
and you can believe
whatever you please.

Even if it seems to cause you displeasure.

Even if it seems to cause you disease.

This is the nature
of the illusion;
of your infinite, immortal,
inviolate imagination.

You did not fall into a rabbit hole.
You simply imagine a hole around you.

But you are not a hole.
You are whole.

There is no light
at the end of your tunnel,
but rather a tunnel
imagined with your light.

This is nothing
that hasn’t been said,
though perhaps
we say it differently.

imagined out of NOTHING.

We are Space Monkey.