Monkey Meditation Music

You may or may not have noticed that I have been writing less lately. I have been very conscious that it was becoming almost an obligation to myself, and not necessarily in a good way.

I’m getting the sense that maybe I should explore music for a little while in the morning. Everything is vibration, so the monkey tells me that sitting at a piano keyboard (or guitar) and meditating over the notes that come out of my fingers and my heart might be interesting and maybe even beneficial for a time.

“Don’t expect anything to come out of it, just do it.” 

Okay, Monkey.

Oddly enough (NOT) I just purchased this new keyboard controller with some of the slot machine winnings that I manifested two Saturdays ago on a hunch brought on by the 14th or so anniversary of my mom’s passing. She LOVED one of the casinos near me, so as a tribute I went down there with my sister. I kind of knew I would win.

So this is all I did. Sat at my keyboard, played some notes, then layered some improvised vocal noises on top. All while the morning sun shined in my window.
Wish every morning could be this magical.


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