One Giant Leap


Those who idolize,
fantasize or criticize
simply don’t realize.

One can 
do anything

be anything

have anything

save for the belief

that one can’t.

If you don’t believe this,
well, there’s your proof.

Look at you.
Do you want to be this
_______ that you are?

If yes, then congratulations,
you’re doing an AMAZING job.

If no, then congratulations.
you’re doing an AMAZING job.

If you understand this message,
then you know what to do.

If you’re shaking your head,
that is ALL you need do.

We are not for “rational” thinkers.
We are not for the faint of heart.

We are not for those
who are content
to live within a system
that seems not to be their own.

We are the explorers
who live in the fringes.

We are the curious creators
of our own worlds.

We are the simple.
We are the spiritual.
We are the space cadets.

We are coming home
to reclaim what is ours.

We are Space Monkey,
taking one giant leap
on this Leap Day.

A leap day of faith.


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