Phoned In

In the old days we used to “phone it in,” but now we simply reblog.

Back then, we used our own voice, expressed our own opinions, and showed at least a MINIMUM of accountability.

 Nowadays, it’s so much easier to cut and paste popular opinion, just like it’s now simple to kill hundreds and thousands of people by remote control. So I wonder if people have lost the ABILITY to think for themselves or are we simply HYPNOTIZED by our own culture?

I realize that by writing this, I might come off sounding like a bitter old fogey who might be judged as hopelessly out-of-time to the point of irrelevance. Since I happen to BE an old fogey, I DON’T GIVE A CRAP, as is the old fogey’s prerogative.

Even so, I believe that there are still thoughtful people out there — even young ones — who resonate with my message. I believe that this is true of any communication. No matter the message, how it is construed or MISconstrued, there will ALWAYS be people who resonate.

That is why our world seems so divisive.

The thing is, sometimes the meaning get stripped away from the resonance, and cut and paste MOVEMENTS form like great waves. The boat begins rocking, then it rocks even more because people want to escape the rocking boat.

The “problem” is no longer that people are spun up about (CUT AND PASTE TOPIC HERE). The “problem” is that they are spun up, period. Now you’ll notice that I put “problem” in quotation marks. Perhaps this is not a “problem,” but rather the “natural” course of events.

Sometimes we’re better off letting something break rather than trying to fix it all the time. Some of our oft-amended documents, things like bibles and constitutions, are STILL mostly cut and paste, rather than being revamped to work with the new code.

Don’t you think the authors of those documents intended them to change over time? Other than a few kludgey workarounds, we’re still operating under the same cut and paste structures that we’ve faithfully followed for hundreds and thousands of years.

Does that seem SANE to you, or does it seem delusional? Is it not odd that people stand behind these hopelessly rigid documents while calling OTHERS delusional?

I have no problem with it either way, just wondering, that’s all. I believe that we are experiencing what we are experiencing because that’s precisely what we’re MEANT to experience. This perspective allows me to look at any situation and take POSITIVES away from it rather than negatives. We are changing, and change is ALWAYS good, even if it means the extinction of humanity as we know it. It would’ve happened sooner or later anyway, I don’t see what the big deal is.

I suppose I can afford such a laissez faire attitude because I have FAITH. I have faith that we’re IMAGINING all of this and that we are DIVINE IMMORTAL CREATURES. We are so much more than human, yet here we are bickering like children.

We ARE children, and that’s cool, too. I’m good with ALL of this. 

People might tell me that I’m not honoring life. Perhaps I’m not, I can’t really say for sure. But I would argue (I need to argue, right?) that by expressing my “TRUE” self, not cutting and pasting opinion, I am contributing MORE than I could ever imagine.

So copy and paste this if you agree. Hahaha.

We are Space Monkey.