Playing Cards

What could be sadder
than an unopened deck of cards,
never played?

Or a life taken prematurely,
never lived?

Only you.

Because the cards are not sad.

The dead are not sad.

Potential that
is not experienced
is not sad.

Only you are sad.

You are projecting your self
into places that you
believe you’ll never be.

So you shall never be there.

And it makes you sad.

This is a choice.

You may choose to believe
that the deck is open
and that you are playing
with your long lost love.

And this, too, will be so.

But you do not believe.

And it makes you sad.

We are surrounded by potential.

But it is not experience
until it is opened.

And played.

But we do not have to play
the cards we are dealt.

We may choose
to fold our hands
and close
the Deck of Sadness.

There are infinite other decks
that contain ALL WE DESIRE.

So let’s play.

We are Space Monkey.


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