In Awareness of Infinite Perspectives

The Divine One you are
is in awareness
of infinite perspectives,
the Defined One you are
seems NOT to be.

In simplest terms,
this is because
your Defined One
has been denied awareness
in order to have
this human experience.

The experience
is that of division,
and the polarities
seemingly created
by these imaginary

These imaginary structures
move you through potentials,
those imaginary forms and feelings
which your Defined One
interprets as “reality.”

It is ALL imaginary, as is your Divine One.

Through the use of denial,
otherwise known as “what is not,”
you are able to imagine realities
where none would otherwise exist.

These realities are not created,
but seemingly imagined
through the potential of definition.

NOTHING is ever created OR destroyed.

This is NOT apparent
to your Defined One,
only to your Divine One.

And that is the point
of imagining your Defined One.

Humanity is ALL imagined
so that one may realize
that One is Divine.

But monkeys are imagined first.

We are Space Monkey.


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