Reality Arises From Actuality

Everything you perceive as experience is the result of a shift in your attention.

Awareness is all that you are, so understanding how your awareness moves is invaluable in understanding how the perception of your reality arises.

In actuality you do not move. Your awareness does. You are simply realizing a reality in which you perceive movement.

Actuality is the infinite field of potential from which reality is realized. Actuality is the absolute in and from which the relative is perceived.

Reality is awareness moving through intertwined and overlapping potentials within actuality. Nothing really moves. All is imagined.

But it matters not, for you are here, and you perceive that you are moving, and it feels real to you.

You experience the potential of a concept called time and space, and it feels real to you.

You experience the potential of being a human being, living on a planet in a universe with seemingly infinite others who seem separate from you, and it feels real to you.

This is all that matters. The perceived separateness known as “reality” is the potential we are moving through. But know that in actuality, we are MORE than real, and that we are all ONE.

We are Space Monkey, but only potentially so, which is more than

Cape Odd Observatory, 5/13

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