What’s the first question you remember asking?

The first question you remember asking could very well be the question that set your intent for this lifetime.

There were many questions BEFORE this question,
but we tend not to remember asking questions that are answered satisfactorily.

My first remembered question was asked when I was maybe three. Naturally, I had asked many questions leading up to this question, all centered around the typical “Where did I come from?” query.

After establishing that I came from my parents who came from ancestors who came from Adam and Eve who came from “God” who came from “nothing,” I asked the question that has stuck with me for more than 50 years.

“I we come from nothing, where does nothing come from?”

And at that moment, Space Monkey was born.

All my life I have been exploring what it’s like to go back, back, back to nothing, only to realize that nothing is everything, otherwise known as the Divine One, otherwise known as my infinite imagination.

And so I continue to explore as Space Monkey.

What’s the first question you remember? Is it still shaping who you are now?