You Fill In The Holes

When something “happens” to you,
there are infinitely more threads
that you DON’T know about
than the factors you point to as “cause.”

Those factors don’t end up in your story,
because you don’t know about them.

So you fill in the holes.

You weave little bits of filigree
around what you think you know
and create a beautiful tapestry
that is nothing at all
like what actually transpired.

But you can touch it,
you can tell it,
you can sell it,
and so your gaudy
quilt of distortion
becomes “real.”

Those other threads
are still nowhere to be found,
yet your filigree weaves its way
into other people’s stories.

And life becomes this.

And you treasure
these growing quilts
that have very little
to do with anything
except your imagination.

Perhaps next
you can try crocheting a hat
made out of beer cans.

We are Space Monkey.


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