Jump Right In

This was a fun experiment. I threw a song idea up on a forum I belong to, explained the thought behind the song, and wrote the first verse and chorus. Then I got all these wonderful contributions for lyrics, wrote a few more lines and voila! Instant song!

So you’re drawn to water
So you’re drawn to this.
Not really knowing
If it’s poisonous
Looking down
Your reflection calls you
To cast your self
Into the abyss
Jump right in
Don’t dip a toe in
You’ll find a reason
NOT to begin
Slip and slide
Enjoy the ride
To late to turn back
But hey maybe that’s the plan
Floating through time
Won’t you take my hand
We’re drifting to
the promised land
Jump right in
No reason to fear
We’re all here
And we’re all you
You jump in the water
You forget to swim
You look for a reason
Not to begin
You’re blaming the water
Again, and again
It’s time to sink or swim
Jump right in.
You start to tread wate
Taking mouthfuls in
Before you realize
The floating can begin
Your life can begin
All your hesitation
Time is just a wastin’
Take the leap of faith
Don’t worry what’s underneath
You will find
You have wings to fly
And that you can’t deny
Jump right in
That’s why you’re called
You wouldn’t be jumping
If you didn’t like to fall


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