Pass It On

Pass It On

Here’s something that makes me super proud.

Every summer I get to go on vacation with countless relatives and relations to a big old Victorian house near the ocean on Martha’s Vineyard.

Naturally my favorite thing to do is sit on the porch playing guitar. This year, as I was writing a Space Monkey song (see Monkey Man) my brother-in-law comes out of nowhere and hands me some written-in-the-moment lyrics.

Somehow my “playing” inspired Dennis to do something I had never seen him do. It was shocking, actually, quite touching. I could see the uncertain pride in Dennis’ face. And the lyrics were sooooo sweet!

So naturally, this song needed to come to fruition.

I didn’t want Dennis to know I was writing this song, so I secretly arranged to take a walk to the lighthouse with my sister, Lisa, where we set the words to music and came up with the verse about the children’s children. The plan was to play the song for Dennis on the porch, but vacation is so hectic we never got around to it.

So two weeks later, here’s the song. It’s called “Pass It On,” so please . . . pass it on!

The message of the song is simple. Love flows through. But only if you let it. Then long after you’re gone, your love lives on. That, to me, is immortality. It’s not about our actions or accomplishments. It’s not about writing songs or making art. It’s about the divine spark that flows through, that makes all things possible. Dennis hit on this idea perfectly, and I’m not even sure he knew was doing it.

Sometimes channelers don’t even know that they’re channelers!

So pass it on, people. You inspire me to express myself. I’m not even sure if this song would’ve been written without the love passing on from all of you! Or I might have written it, but left in in a pile of papers like Dennis told me he does with his own writing.

The fact that Dennis felt the openness of my energy, which encouraged him to do something he had never done before . . . that is just amazing to me. And that’s what the song is all about.

So I shall encourage you one more time. Pass it on!


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